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All of our glass splashbacks sold on this website are made on standard float glass, not Opti white glass. Float glass does affect light colours as it is normal glass so naturally has a slight green tinge to it. You can order a sample if you would like to see it by contacting us, bespoke samples are £7.50 each.
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How to Measure Glass Splashbacks
The below instructions should provide guidance on how to accurately measure your kitchen splashbacks or bathroom wall panels. The most affordable DIY option, and easiest to measure, is the kitchen cooker splashback and upstands option (example image and price below).

Glass Splashback with upstands Splashback with matching glass upstands in Lime Green, a very simple DIY project.

How to measure glass splashbacks yourself
Start by marking a level line on your wall using a lazer or a spirit level.

You then need to mark lines on your wall where you wish your glass splashbacks or upstands to start or end.

Note: You must allow 2mm where your splashback is to fit between any two surfaces (other than glass). This is to allow for expansion of your kitchen units etc.

We are going to explain how to measure for a cooker splashback with matching upstands.
How to measure for glass splashbacks

To measure for a cooker splashback with upstands:
Start with your cooker splashback, it is width D in the diagram. It is the width between the two wall units minus 4/5mm for expansion. The height is the height from the worktop to the cooker hood minus expansion gaps.
The upstand widths are widths A and B, simple the width from your cooker splashback to the wall minus an expansion gap allowance.
Glass splashback measurements

If you wish to fit upstands to an adjoining wall, you need to also subtract around 8mm for the adhesive depth and glass thickness of one upstand (make sure you only make this allowance for one upstand).

All these measurements and lines should be marked on the wall and checked at least twice, preferrably once by another person.

We are not responsible for you getting your measurements wrong so please take your time and get them right.

Width (mm) Height (mm)
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